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Fantastic Four : What were they thinking?

Are you a fan of Fantastic Four? Then perhaps you should skip that new film they released. I mean I really don't know where to start with this one but I'll give it a go...

Fantastic Four is yet another reboot (that I'm pretty confident nobody asked for) of Marvel's first family, brought to you by 20th Century Fox and Josh Trank. (of Chronicle fame) The story is the standard fare, 4 people all with varying skills are brought together, they do science, they go to an alternative universe, they get powers and they must band together and become heroes. But the problem here is the film feels completely disjointed, it's not entirely clear what film they wanted to make.

The first half of the film I was enjoying, seeing where the characters came from and how they will fit into the story, some are distinctly more interesting than others naturally. It's round about when they go to the other dimension things stop making sense and they run out of interesting things to say. There are so many clichés thrown in too, you want the main science type villain to be obvious, you obviously need him to chew gum in every scene! The dialogue and often feels forced and boring and at one point the film decides we don't even need to see a whole year passing, because they already had too many montages.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate it all, it could have been a very different film, with all the reshoots that apparently plagued the production, I am left wondering what film did Trank actually make? I mean some of it feels awfully dark and that stuff was interesting and (despite the terrible design) Dr Doom was genuinely creepy and evil when making peoples heads explode. But the film felt as if it was running full pelt towards the finish, with no care to how it looked at the finish.

Ultimately, to me it felt a disappointing mess of a film, not the worst thing I have ever seen, but it couldn't make it's mind up on the tone and so it ends up falling flat. I wonder if this is the last we will see of the Fantastic Four for the foreseeable future?

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Ant-Man : Tales to Astonish!

I will be fully honest here, I am a professed geeky guy, I enjoy comic books, I love films and thus I am usually one of the first to watch the latest comic book film, my feelings were no different when it came to Ant-Man. I bought my tickets and as I sat eagerly awaiting for the damn adverts to finally finish I approached the whole thing with cautious optimism, after all Ant-Man is a weird one to sell. (But they did it with Guardians, so small order really - ha!)

What I loved about the film is that it kept everything in the right place, you know the motivation for each character and (perhaps a fault also) they are all incredibly easy to pick up. Story is straightforward but it allows for the best parts (the dialogue) to flow between characters so well, I caught myself chuckling away many times throughout, something I don't find myself doing often in comedies these days. This is all obviously helped by the fact that both the story and the screenplay are penned by both Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish, it so heavily encapsulates their styles that at times I forgot I was even watching a Marvel film.

Unfortunately the film still has its faults, Corey Stoll does a great turn as Darren Cross but as his character is fleshed out and he transforms into the evil Yellowjacket, it turned into that familiar problem of him lacking any kind of depth. The casting on a whole I loved, any doubts I had about Paul Rudd being convincing were immediately put out of my mind, I also loved Michael Peña and his brilliant little stories. Michael Douglas is the exact person you can imagine being Hank Pym, the genius scientist, the tortured father and the mentor. Evangeline Lilly is a strange one for me, I say this because she served little for me as the story went, it's almost as if they knew this too considering an interaction at the end of the film and the mid credit scene.

The visuals were outstanding, making something ridiculous on paper astounding in execution. Again it allowed for many comic filled moments to come to the surface during fight scenes and training sequences. Naturally some of the best moments are found in the finale and it is credit to both screenwriting and final direction, seeing it all come together and being emotional one minute and wonderfully funny the next.

In conclusion I think this was a wonderful film, I am left wondering what kind of a film would it have been if Edgar Wright had continued on his directing duties? That being said I really enjoyed it, Marvel have gone from strength to strength and I can't wait for Ant-Man to join in a bigger universe. The comedy of Edgar and Joe saved this film, I hope Marvel remember that for the future.