...To the cinema! 

I deliberately went in with nearly a total media black-out for this new instalment in the Alien franchise, I watched that tiny prologue beforehand and thought, yep that's enough for me. Perhaps I should preface this review by saying that yes, I enjoyed Prometheus, it wasn't perfect but I felt truly honoured to see Ridley firmly back at the helm of a new Alien film.

So as I sat down in the cinema, knowing what I'd like to see and just letting the movie take me on a journey, what I then experienced was horrifying and beautiful. The film sets its pace so well, pausing to breathe where it needs to but never for too long. You feel the suffocating threat of space, the horrors of the travel involved and you are quickly introduced to the plucky crew of the Covenant. The story wastes no time in getting the crew separated and therein the alien threat evolves, there is a good payoff of the Prometheus arch and ties these two films together in satisfying fashion.
For me I really felt like Fassbender steals the show, especially in the latter half of the film (without revealing anything) I believe his performance (special mention to Katherine Waterston for being not quite Ripley badass, but being genuinely pretty great throughout) sells you so much on the world building that Alien: Covenant brings to the table. I wasn't particularly sold on all the casting choices, but in the end they neither subtracted or added to the film for me, so I can live with that.
On a whole, the incredible job that the whole team does in set design, sound, effects, writing and directing brings Alien: Covenant to be more than just your run of the mill sci-fi horror and that is what I've always loved about the first two and now these new films, the attention to detail, they are fascinating to watch, great to bring out at almost any time.
If you are a fan of the franchise, I don't think this will let you down, there are some jump scares in there for those wanting that and there are some genuine stomach in your mouth moments even for the most unshaken amongst us.
Spit acid in my face and give me new eyes, so I can see it again please.

Go watch it.