What’s the low down from e3 so far?

Microsoft press conference

(Those awkward guys that keep their ties on at parties and one slightly overweight man wears an old t shirt under his smart blazer.)

-          The XBOX One S is announced, it’s basically 40% smaller(pretty great) looks more like a sexy PC and runs 4k gaming, also has way bigger hard drive.

-          Play anywhere, in short this catchy line means play cross platform between PC and Xbox, only buy your game once, not on steam though. L

-          ReCore, more details released, it’s you and your robot dog, puzzles and(unfortunately) shooting mechanics, looks uninspired.

-          Inside,(the new game from Limbo developers) it’s coming June 29th.

-          There is a new custom controller design thing, so many colour combinations! Much wow!(Xbox Design Lab)

-          Dead Rising 4, it looks to be the usual insanity, Frank West is back and the zombie murdering looks better than ever.

-          State of Decay 2, well the first one was a very well realized and executed idea. It’s from an indie studio and this is a good thing.

-          Xbox One : Project Scorpio, sounds silly, but then again don’t they always? Basically a pitch video of a load of people(industry veterans and xbox suits) gushing over the delicious graphical powerhouse that is the next step in Microsoft console generation. Don’t forget “nobody gets left behind” as the console will be backwards compatible with Xbox One and One S.

-          Gears of War 4, yep it’s still brown(I mean SO brown), it has better particle physics and weather looks pretty good. It comes out October 11th 2016.

-          Not forgetting Sea of Thieves, it’s from Rare, it’s 1st person, the graphics look pretty, it seems you have to work together with your friends to keep your boat doing its thing on the high seas. Very interesting and I bet it’s been a blast to work on.


Sony press conference

(Sure they like to party, occasionally completely out of left field they do a really ambitious creative project, they are more competitive than they like to show and in the end have their go to thing they always do)

-          God of War PS4, what can be said here? I mean it was expected but they have given it a very different more serious tone(as serious as you can make it anyway) different art style, different voices etc. Definite inspiration from both Last of Us and new Tomb Raider titles.

-          Death Stranding … Naked upset looking Norman Reedus, a baby, handprints, dead crabs … yep it’s Hideo Kojima and his new game everyone.

-          The Last Guardian, small trailer and as per usual it looks so flipping great. An actual release date this time, 25th of October 2016.

-          Horizon: Zero Dawn, the gameplay demo showed a bigger breadth of robot animals, your interactions in the world and just generally reminded everyone why they want this game now.

-          Resident Evil 7, apparently the game is now entirely first person, a survival horror(BIG emphasis on survival there) playable in VR and just downright creepy.

-          Spider-Man, this time coming from Insomniac and I don’t know how to feel about that, but then I love Ratchet and Clank, Sunset Overdrive was like Jet Set Radio on speed, so maybe Insomniac can be the people that do everyone’s web slinger justice.

-          Crash Bandicoot, yay they’re bringing Crash back in abrand new title, oh no…it’s just a remaster of the old games – yay?

-          Lego Star Wars 7, well I think of almost all the lego franchise games the Star Wars ones really shone and I liked The Force Awakens so yeah I’m ready, there’s a demo available now and then the full game releases June 28th 2016.

-          South Park: The Fractured But Whole, it looks like more of the first game and that’s not necessarily a bad thing(dependent on your tolerance of South Parks trademark humour).


Nintendo press conference

(The super excited kids that do not care at all what the big kids think of them, they may be a little weird, but they are the thinkers, they are the pioneers and when it really comes down to everything they just like making everyone else smile)

-          Literally basically only one thing that everyone cares about and is worth me mentioning here… Pokémon! Ha I jest, obviously Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is coming and my word the HYPE is REAL. It looks closer in visual style to Windwaker and that is fantastic news, it’s very open world and(time will tell) I think it will be a fitting swan song for the WiiU before it sees it’s replacement in the not too distant future.


Honourable mentions

-          Prey, remember when Prey 2 was a thing and then it was no longer a thing? Well the current incarnation looks very pretty and though there was very little shown is a potential one to watch.

Hayfever sucks right?

Hayfever sucks right?

-          Dishonored 2, there was a whole heap more gameplay shown off at e3 this year, including a very attractive and cool looking time travel mechanic. The steampunk is strong with this one.

Nothing like kicking someone in the nuts and time jumping outta there. Biff would love this thing,

Nothing like kicking someone in the nuts and time jumping outta there. Biff would love this thing,

-          Skyrim remaster, so you remember that little indie developer that put out that massive title that the critics swooned over and nobody ever bought? Well that very same indie darling is coming to our current gen super sparkly consoles. It is a treat for the eye holes and is reportedly coming October 2016.

But just look at that snow...

But just look at that snow...

-          We Happy Few, for me this really caught my attention. Think of it as a kind of Equilibrium(a terrifically underappreciated film) with the roles reversed, the people in this world take “joy” pills and see the world very differently. The crux of the demo showed that you come off your meds and you have to act “normal” in increasingly odd situations, if they notice that you are acting strange, authorities will hunt you down in what is apparently a procedurally generated world. Creepy, but fascinating and reminded me a lot of Bioshock(more specifically the storytelling in Infinite).

Have you taken your joy?

Have you taken your joy?


Well then, let’s sum this up shall we? I think e3 was good this year, new games are all so close with many dropping just before the end of the year and there at least seems that there is something for almost everyone. A few titles have been pushed to the new year, but with some of the most hotly anticipated AAA titles due in Q4 of this year and some fantastic indie titles and more in the interim. There is definitely enough to keep you(yes you) busy, anyway if you are anything like me your most anticipated game is Yooka-Laylee and that isn’t due to drop until Q1 of 2017, jokes on all of them, I'm really good at playing the waiting game.

Imagine how many nappies I will have changed by then, on second thoughts I don’t think I want to imagine…