I know, you haven't heard from me for a bit and with a legitimate reason - my wife gave birth to our beautiful baby girl back in late February and since then things just get pushed to the sides a little bit.

I did manage to treat myself to purchasing the hotly anticipated Ratchet and Clank on PS4, now I should preface this review by saying that I played the death out of former entries in the R&C back catalogue (right from the beginning).

The first thing that immediately struck me (like an iron hitting my face, only far less painful and more in the camp of breathtakingly stunning) is all the colour. I mean you could forgive someone for just panning the camera constantly and looking around in the beautifully crafted gaming environment. Insomniac have basically recreated the original game, put in a bunch of new stuff, a good ammount of throwbacks and dressed it in the shiniest wrapper ever.

The story centres around the re-imagining of how the main characters meet, their quest to help save the universe, it closely follows the footsteps of the PS2 classic, whilst mixing in quite nicely with their new animated feature film.

So the gameplay then? Well in the case of R&C series it's always been something to write home about (so to speak). Never really classifying themselves as platformers, despite the industry often catogorizing them as such and even though that's what always attracted me to the titles. So what it really comes down to is guns...lots of guns, those aforementioned weapons really are shining bright here. Testament to such fine tuning in development, everyting from the movement of the characters to the firing of your incredible aresnal is so smooth and responsive exactly as you would expect. There are things hidden away in the levels and if you are a completionist there is plenty reason to come back and play through the game multiple times to max out all your upgrades to see if the frame rate ever drops with everything exploding with colour and SO MANY BOLTS on the screen. (pro tip: it never happened to me)

I think I can sum this all up in a really simple way for you, if you own a PS4 then you have absolutely no excuse not to have this game in your collection.