Honestly, I really do not know where to begin...But I suppose it's best to start at the beginning, let me just compose myself. Tearaway Unfolded is completely brilliant, I cannot praise it enough. From the stunningly realised paper craft world to the intuitive controls and charming dialogue, you can see just how much goes into this game and the developers clearly love it. Media Molecule (the developers in question) have (in my humble opinion) created an instant classic here, granted I have limited knowledge on the original vita version, but this reimagining for the PS4 makes so many great uses of the platform.

The story focuses on Atoi, a messenger who is tasked with delivering a very special message to the YOU (that's right, you) traversing through the world, overcoming it's obstacles and making one hell of a story. At first I was super concerned this game was gonna end really quickly, but the game threw in a few curveballs here and there and by the end I just didn't want it to stop. I will not ruin the game for you, but the ending is whimsical and quite heart warming.

The gameplay is really the astounding thing here, like Mm previous titles, they always have a way of making you feel that you are leaving an impression on the world you are interacting with. Not only are you constantly brought into the narrative, but the very controller you hold interacts with the world in such unique ways. A swipe on the touch pad controls the wind, the triggers shine light into the world, the gyroscopic sensors tilt the world and more! It always keeps things interesting, with the world changing the deeper you go.

Playing through Tearaway Unfolded, it left me with a feeling of wonder. I loved uncovering all the secrets I could find. Often I just spent time looking at what had been created. Not only can you take pictures of everything that surrounds you (in all sorts of different ways) but you can collect blueprints for making these things yourself at home.

When it came to the end I didn't want it to be done, even though it has some slightly challenging platform moments (if you are trying to get everything) it is always enjoyable. I look forward to going back and finding everything and this is a platformer I cannot wait to show my friends.