This year, (on the day I turned 30 no less) I did the most logical thing I could possibly think of, I went to see the new Terminator film. I know what you are thinking too, please tell us about everything that this new time travelling scrambled egg of a franchise has to offer us, so here I go.

It's a shame really that all films in this tired franchise are compared to the first two, because to be fair put next to those wonderful pieces of cinema, any other offerings barely stand a chance. My first gripe would be with the trailer coverage of this new instalment, SO MANY important reveals were already made clear to me before I had even sat in my cinema seat, thus completely taking you out of the moment and ruining the bulk of the film.

Casting is also something I would like to settle on, Emilia Clarke is brilliant as ever to watch on screen (minus a few awkward over sexualised scenes) and I can always do with more Arnie, he really sells the tired old (but ever determined) robot performance. I actually am quite a big fan of Jason Clarke, but they could of given a few more witty quips in this film, the scars on his face really harken back to the Michael Edwards Connor back in the T2 days. But oh my goodness, almost anyone other than Jai Courtney for Kyle Reese. He completely killed the role for me, the freedom fighter was a whiney bitch and made for some poor watching, he made me long for Michael Biehn's dulcet tones.

Ultimately, the film was an interesting one, the first half I was enjoying, time hopping, a great vision of the future (much mimicking that of T2 and not that OTHER film). But then it gets all scrambled with where it's going, it substitutes so many interesting ways to advance the story, for relatively dull action scenes considering. It's not as bad as Salvation, but (despite a lot more of Arnie, with some really cool scenes) it still fell flat for me. I guess I will be firing up T2 again when I fancy a paradoxical time travel action film.

Look out for one particular cool cameo and (what I believe is anyway) an obscene misuse of the awesome J.K. Simmons.