Back in 2010 while I was on the cusp of graduating in university I first saw Q.U.B.E. (or quick understanding of block extrusion) in it's first playable build and it's fair to say it has always been an impressive puzzler. Now after backing from IndieFund and one hell of a journey we come to the Director's Cut.

I love a good puzzler and Q.U.B.E. by developer Toxic Games is certainly that, a frantic brain teaser. At first it slowly eases you into the clean white blocky architecture, with simple traversal puzzles to get you used to what each corresponding coloured block does. It doesn't make it easy and it's not long before it throws you into more of a deep end, colour coded puzzle solutions, timed physics based solutions and even working in the dark. Just because I love puzzles it doesn't mean I'm great at them, many times I felt frustratingly stupid but then I would discover the answer, the feeling of satisfaction made me feel fantastic...until uncovering the next obstacle.

The new stuff here is the story, written by Rob Yescombe and he does a great job. I truly felt trapped in this environment using all my wits to escape while being given snippets of information from several disembodied voices. In short you are trying to figure out what the qube is, you are given ideas but the mysteries soon start seeping in.

Some of the visual choices in terms of blocks that drastically alter the gameplay, I feel could have been designed a little differently, that being said it is clear what everything does so perhaps it does it's job just fine. (An artist loves to complain, everyone is a critic, blah blah blah) Overall I really liked the look of the game, the way the environment shifts around you keeps things interesting. 

In conclusion Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut does a great job of making you feel smart, allowing you to work things out for yourself without holding your hand. It's got things hidden away for the observant gamer and with the new narrative touches, it only helps strengthen your resolve to move onto each increasingly challenging puzzle.

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