Back in 2012 I played the beautiful, mysterious brilliance that is Thatgamecompany's Journey. Those few short years ago it settled for me a clear argument in this world, can games be art? The short answer? A thunderous yes, screamed from the mouths of every single person who has experienced Journey.

Cut to now, I sat down to play the game again this time on the PS4, I didn't imagine it to be possible but the game runs even smoother and looks completely breathtaking. There is still so much joy I found in exploring, walking and gliding over the landscape set before me. The details never go unnoticed, from the wonderfully detailed broken architecture to the masses of rich golden sand you find yourself often traversing.

It goes without saying really that Journey redefines what a game can be, it's an experience, it's exciting, emotional, a struggle, puzzling, beautiful, it tells a story without saying any words and the music sets the tone throughout. (best music I have ever heard in a game)

From a gameplay perspective the game hasn't changed from the 2012 original, the controls are just as intuitive as they were before and if anything the game seems to run smoother, not that the original was a slouch in any way. This time around I played through the majority of the game with one other person and I forgot just how much of an incredible experience that is, we helped each other, pointed out secrets when we found them, called out (via a singing button prompt) to one another and stayed with one another until our Journeys end. Scarce is it that I have had a more enjoyable cooperative experience online, the fact that you can't even converse with each other only helps immerse you further into the experience.

In conclusion there aren't enough adjectives to describe just how wonderful this game is, you have to play it for yourself. It isn't long, but I have completed it multiple times now and I cannot help but keep coming back.