I should preface this by saying that I am a big fan of Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Battlefront II. Those games did so much for enjoyable 3rd person shooters, making you feel the scale of large battles and taking your part in them. They were great Star Wars experiences and Galactic Conquest mode in the second game gave it replay value on a level that keeps it relevant 10 years later - incredible.

Now we come to DICEs new effort (simply retitled, to imply it's clean slate version of) Star Wars Battlefront. What to say? Well, it's gorgeous, it does indeed look as good as they promised and sounds fantastic too. It is lovingly created to look and feel like Star Wars, you cannot fault it at all here. Everything from it's skyboxes to meticulous recreation of it's worlds and the explosion effects of the original trilogy. The weapons, the movement, sound effects all feels correct and very reminiscent of it's roots, this is a title that knows where it comes from and has clearly been worked on by loving hands.

I spent a good amount of time unlocking all the treats that the beta had to offer, I enjoyed the ability to jump into any game my friend was playing, (though the lack of party of people to join is rather disappointing) relishing our victories and wallowing in the bitterness of defeat. The game is well balanced, naturally people online are nearly always better at games than I, but sticking to the objectives I found I did quite well, more than a few times holding my own. The more you unlock the better you start to find your experience.

The controls could be a little more intuitive, the cards you unlock to give you boosts are a good idea, but I often forget to utilise them and also their UI is ugly as sin. They could of integrated the jetpack as a double jump on a cool down rather than a completely separate button for instance, but I digress.

This all (apart from that last bit) sounds very positive, so tell me...what didn't you like?

I am not the biggest fan of online multiplayers (not everyone is) but I am a huge Star Wars fan, so while this game delivers on a beautiful Star Wars experience, I couldn't shake the feeling of how long will it truly last. Looking through the greyed out modes concerned me, just how much content will be in this game upon release? We now also know there will be a lovely large £40 season pass to see all this game has to offer, (many people saw that one coming) yet very little has been offered up in terms of information about it.

The truth is, the beta was enjoyable at times. But it left me knowing that once November 17th rolls around, I will be longing for the Galactic Conquest of old, to be moving from planet to planet with a friend battling my way to victory. Give me a great looking and feeling game (that we have here) with the ability to battle all the bots and feel like an absolute badass. The beta left me fearing the game will not be big enough, with too many online idiots to battle against, my team not understanding objectives and the whole thing leaving a sour taste in my mouth and still waiting for the right Star Wars game for me. Oh and they have got to fix the voices for the heroes, it is all sorts of wrong.

In short, I liked the beta it was indeed enjoyable, but they have things to iron out and for those of us that aren't mega keen on online multiplayer how hard can it be to announce a really great solo/co op experience? While the survival is good, I want something more in-depth.