Brendan David Hill

Brendan is the founder and head Illustrator at EvilHairDay, a small company dedicated to making custom crafted illustrations.

Typically EvilHairDay specialise in bean caricatures, which were born out of an inability to draw traditional caricatures but grew into a love letter to traditional caricature art. Brendan wanted to find a style that was synonymous with him, something that spoke about his love for simplicity and detail encompassed together.

Brendan regularly attends comic cons across the country often with his wife and a colleague to lend a helping hand. The aim has always been to bring happiness, smiles and laughter to all through a unique and comical perspective to art.

Please welcome a new member to our team, the wonderful Zelda. Born late February 2016 she can already hold a pen, but she only likes chewing on it...for now.

What we do

EvilHairDay lives for custom crafted illustrations, making one off designs for people that stand out in a variety of printing options. We aim to print on as much as possible, we've made t shirts, badges, tote bags, posters, postcards and in the future hope to move into toys.

Always on the lookout for exciting projects to get involved in, we are developing a comic currently. If you have a great idea and would like to work with us, please get in contact.
For now you can catch our work in a new webcomic full of architectural humour - it's called Archibeans and it is written by The Angry Architect.

Base of operations

On the (somewhat sunny, mostly windy) shores of Whitstable on the UK coast EvilHairDay has made its home. Drawing inspiration from long walks and a vivid imagination, Brendan sits at his desk designing to the shrill but beautiful cries of the majestic seagull.